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Rudraksha Mala Bracelet with Bodhi Seeds & Lampwork Bead

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This handmade bracelet is made with natural rudraksha seeds and features bodhi seeds and glass lampwork.

Rudraksha seeds are believed to improve confidence and courage. They evoke a positive energy into the body, helping to fight and protect from disease and negative energy.

Each bracelet features three bodhi seeds. "Bodhi" in Sanskrit means enlightenment. Many practitioners use these seeds for their essence and inherent teachings within each seed.

This bracelet can be made with four different colored glass lampwork beads: white, green, red and blue.

This one of a kind bracelet comes in two sizes. Small (15-16 cm in wrist circumference [approx. 6-6.25"]) and medium (17-18 cm in wrist circumference [approx 6.75-7"]). Please see below for instructions on how to measure and select your bracelet size.

Because this item is handcrafted and made on demand, it will take 2-3 weeks for delivery. 

How To Measure Your Bracelet Size

Wrap a tape measure tightly around where your wrist is broadest. Next, find the closest bracelet size. Keep in mind the bracelets are stretchy and have some give to them.

If you prefer that the bracelet rolls over the hand, measure tightly around where your hand is the broadest and find the closest bracelet size.

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 Don't know your size?

Step 1: Wrap a thin piece of paper around your finger like a ring. A ring should fit secure enough so that it will never fall off. It should have a loose comfortable fit when sliding it over your knuckle.

Step 2: Mark the spot where the paper meets, and measure the distance using a ruler.

Step 3: Use the chart below to match the ring circumference (in mm) to the ring size (in US). 

 Ring Conversion Chart